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About Us

We're transforming storage by giving you on-demand access to your things without visiting a storage unit. Founded in Miami, Stow Simple is proudly family-owned and minded.

Brother and Sister Storage Team

    Your stuff. A click away.

    See us in action.


    Our Story

    Storing stuff in a growing city like Miami shouldn’t be difficult. This has been our mantra from the beginning. Little sis, Silvia, was tired of feeling stressed about storage - getting an honest price, finding boxes, borrowing a car big enough for all the containers and bikes, finding a convenient and safe storage space, and then making arrangements to get all the stuff back and through traffic. She turned to her big brother, Jorge, for help. Together they decided, enough with the hassles. Miami deserved better.

    We decided to build Stow Simple to help people simplify their lives and living spaces. Family-oriented and customer-focused, we designed a company that would bring high quality, reliable, and affordable options for clutter-free living for urban Miami. At the core of our company, we believe giving back to our local community is critical. We built a strong partnership with Miami Rescue Mission to make it easier for people to donate to those in need.

    -Silvia & Jorge


    Our Family


    Silvia M. Camps

    Founder & C.E.O.

    Celebrity doppelganger : Sarah Silverman

    Favorite childhood cartoon : The Smurfs

    Song of choice : Anything with a banjo

    Needs to be stowed : Bikes (I have 3)


    Jorge Camps

    Co-Founder & Head of Operations

    Go-to snack : Beer

    Childhood cereal : Light Beer

    Favorite pastime : Bicycling the southern Everglades

    Needs to be stowed : Parts for bikes from the 70's, 80's & 90's



    Stow Patrol - Day

    Favorite pastime : Camping or sleeping, better yet, sleeping while camping

    Go-to snack : Garlic flavored croutons

    Song of choice : Dire Wolf by Grateful Dead

    Rescued on 3/3/06 from Lee County Animal Services



    Stow Patrol - Night

    Favorite pastime : Chasing lizards

    Go-to snack : Anything abuela cooks

    Song of choice : Gangsta's Paradise

    Rescued on 8/9/13 from Miami-Dade Animal Services


    Charitable Mission


    Helping others should be easy.

     Valet Storage Options in Miami Area - Stow Simple

    Stow Simple + Miami Rescue Mission

    We’re excited to partner with the Miami Rescue Mission to make donating simple. When you request a Stow Simple bin, we'll also drop off our Stow Simple + Miami Rescue Mission donation bag. Fill it with anything you’d like to donate. We'll make sure it goes to someone in need as a tax-deductible donation.